Sira-Kvina Powersystem

The company was founded in 1963 with the purpose of developing the power resources in the rivers Sira and Kvina. The development took place in 6 separate construction phases. A total of 7 power stations were built with their associated dams and water management installations.
Total installed output is 1760 MW and a total annual production of 6 TWh, which represents about 5% of the electric power consumption in Norway.
Total investments in the installations during the construction period amounted to a total of about 3,5 billions NOK.

The power company has 4 owners with rights and obligations in accordance with the following percentage shares:

Lyse Produksjon AS 41.10%
Statkraft Energi 32.10%
Skagerak Kraft AS 14.60%
Agder Energi Produksjo 12.20%

The company has approximately 100 people employed in the operations and maintenance of the installations. The headquarters and system contrail center for remote control of the installations is at Tonstad.

The water from the watercourses is utilized from a height of 899 and 929 meters above sea level (a.s.l.) respectively with power stations at intervals between the reservoirs along the watercourses.
In the Kvina river the water is utilized through 3 power stations before it is being transfered into the Sira river.
Roskrepp Power Station (1 x 50MW) utilizes the fall between the lake of Roskreppfjorden and the lake of Øyarvann.
Kvinen Power Station (1 x 80MW) utilizes the fall between Øyarvann lake and Kvifjorden lake.
Solhom Power Station (2 x 100MW) utilizes the fall between the Kvifjorden lake and the Homstøl lake where the water is transfered to the Sira watercourse.
In the Sira river the water is utilized through 4 power stations, the last station is Ana-Sira where the water runs out into the North Sea.
Duge Power Station which is equipped with 2 x 100MW reversible pump turbines, utilizes the upper fall ca. 250 m. in the Sira river between the Gravann lake and Svartevann lake.
Tjørhom Power Station (2 x 60MW) utilizes the fall between Gravatn lake and Tjørhomvann lake.
Tonstad Power Station, with a fall of 450m, uses the water from both watercourses down to the lake of Sirdalsvann which together with Lundevann lake forms the intake reservoir for Ana-Sira Power Station (3 x 50 MW), with a fall of 50m to sea level.
Tonstad Power Station has the largest generating capacity with a total installation of 960MW.

Source: Informationboard onsite