Selvågområdet has a size of approximately 1100 ha and surrounds Selvågen at the end of the Harkmarksfjorden. The state bought the area in January 1973.

The terrain is hilly and mainly covered by forest. In Between is farmland, marshland and rocky coastline.
The forest consists of 80% pine and 20% lovskog. Gran occur individually.
The forest is not old because the area was grazed and burned until our century. On Storestøl are some old trees which did not burn.
Many narrow valleys offer interesting scenery and varied vegetation. Swamp with black alder, blackburn and tyerk, larger areas with takrør are found on Storestøl.

The wildlife is rich and varied, It is especially known for a large elk..

The birdlife is denoted by ornitologer as the unique.

The coastal zone
The fjord is rich on fish and attracts anglers.

Source: Informationboard on site