Sogn Fjordmuseum

Sogn Fjordmuseum is situated by Kaupanger ferry quay down by Sognefjord – Norway´s longest and deepest fjord. The museum is a department of the Heiberg Collecyion Sogn Folkmuseum, and is just a few minutes from the museum´s main facilities.

Here you can learn about how the fjord was necessary to the way of life in Sogn during the past. The fjord was essential for the surrouding villages, as boyh a source of food and a traffic artery.

We have an unique collection of boats from Sogn, maritime artefacts, a tavern from the early 19th century, a reconstructed boat builder’s workshop , and a film showing boat building.

The exhibition of boats ranks among the best ones in the country, and the workshop of a boatbuilder displays the tools of this trade. In addition you will find fishing equipment and various bits and pieces connected with the fjord and fjord life.

The picture of life in Sogn in past time will not be complete without experiencing the Sogn Fjordmuseum.