Tungenes Lighthouse

Marking the northern tip of Jaeren.
Randaberg local district.
Established: 1828.

The light was established in 1828 by the Stavanger Harbour Commision, for the purpose of leading vessels safely passed the point during the herring fisheries season in springtime.
The current lighthouse was built in 1842 when the lighthouse authorities took responsibility for the Operation.

The house was rebuiit to its actual form in 1898 when the tower was added.
The keepers houses were added in 1939 and I959.
Tungenes lighthouse was taken out of service in 1984 and repiaced by the smalller light on Bragen, the islet just offshore.
Tungenes is where the agricultural tip of north Jaeren meets the sea. Ships steam by in great numbers, some cutting busily between the light and a small shoal, Braken. At a distance it looks as if they are going to trip over the tails of the cattle grazing beside the compound. And this isn’t so far from the truth: the fairway passes only a stone’s throw from land. An hour spent with your back to a sunny wall at Tungenes will convince you that shipping is not a thing of the past in the Stavanger region.
Much of the traffic is special-purpose vessels for the petroleum industry. Other trades are also represented: transports to the furna-ces at Sauda, freighters busily stiuttling sand and gravel from pits deep in the fjord arms of Ryfylke, and passenger ferries heading north to Karmoy, Haugesund and Bergen, or England.
Any time spent at Tungenes is sure to bring a passing ship whose function seems impossible to fathom. Perhaps you have seen a new kelp trawler – or a utility boat designed for use on a floating fish-farm? Perhaps it is Stavanger’s new fire tender, or even a passing Englishman with a pet theory of how a sailboat should look, which he insists on trying out on a North Sea passage.

Source: Information board on site