Obrestad Lighthouse

The lighthouse was finished in 1873 and is a solid rock construction. Until 1940 the lantern was placed in the west end wall, but since the reconstruction after the war the signals from the lantern have come from the eastern concrete tower.The lighthouse has been unmanned since 1991, but the Norwegian Weather Office still receives daily weather observations from the Station.

Sentinel marking Jaeren’s arable edge.
Ha local district.
Established: 1873.

The light Stands on the point of a moraine ridge that extends into the sea. From his sitting room the assistant keeper could observe the sea on three sides. The moors of Heg-Jaeren are also visible in the distance to the east.
The light is now run by the old parsonage and the local Council. The parsonage has the distinction of being one of Rogaland’s most celebrated galleries. Every year artists and authors congregate here, fin-ding Inspiration for new projects. The lighthouse is also open to the public. Ask for a tour of the tower, or ask to stay for a few days. Obrestad can offer contemporary artworks on the walls and designer furniture graces the old sitting room, but the light itself retains its spartan interior.
The lighthouse building is well maintained and open to the public. The first floor contains the Workshop and engine room. In the loft you can still see the enormous air tank for the foghorn.

Source: Information board on site