A 5 hour round trip
It is an impressive experience to walk along the Lyse Fjord to Kjerag. From the top at Nesatind there is a 1000 metre drop to sea level.

Description of the walk
The walk to Kjerag has to be described as hard. It begins with a steep climb up the cliffs from 640 metres above sea level to 818 and continues along the fertile Litledalen.The path then follows a track up and over a new ridge befo-re Coming down into Stordalen which is the main Valley behind the Kjerag Massive.The path then winds a little towards the Lysefjord and from that point climbs steeply along the edge of the massive over polished granite out to the cairn at Nesatind.

The Kjerag Bolt
A round stone block, held in place in a crevice, is to be seen 300 metres to the west of the drop at Nesatind. This is the Kjerag Bolt. Many have been tempted to go across and stand on the bolt but for most it should be more than enough to just look at it.

Before you start the walk:
• Good footwear is necessary for the walk.
When the mountains are wet parts of the route can be ver y slippery. In icey conditions the trip is not recommended.
• The trip is not adviseable in foggy conditions or in strong winds. It can be dangerous if you loose track of the red markers.
Be prepared for the fact that the weather can change very quickly even on fine summer days.
• Due to the steep drops the tour is not recommended for small children.
Have a safe and pleasant walk!

Source: Information board on site