Hordaland County with its more than 456,000 inhabitants, is the home of 10% of Norways population. Only the capital Oslo and the surrounding county of Akershus have larger populations.




Kjeaasen Farm

Haereid Graveyard


Sima Power Plant


Damsgard Manor


Hordaland is almost divided into two by the 179 km long Hardangerfjord, one of Norway’s main fjords and a great tourist attraction. Hordaland is a region of island and skerries and sheltered bays, fjords with steep mountainsides, magnificent waterfalls, mountain plateaux and glaciers and fertile valleys.

Hordaland comprises 33 municipalities governed by district councils.The majority of the population live in the coastal areas and on the low-lying narrow strip of farming land along the fjords.

Bergen, one of the Europe’s great scenic cities, is known as the gateway to western Norway. It is the centre of Hordaland County and the site of the county administration.

Hordaland has more than 100 natural parks. The Hardanger Mountain Plateau is the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe. The park is the home of the largest herd of wild reindeer in Europe.