Buskerud County stretches fróm the western part of the Oslo fjord to the central mountain plateaus. The county offers coastlines, city centres, valleys, forests and mountains. Buskerud can be described as the county stretching fróm the fjords to mountains’. The county borders to eight other counties: adjacent to our cooperating partners of Telemark and Vestfold, with Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane to the west, Oppland to the north, and Oslo, Akershus and Østfold (the Oslo fjord) to the east. The county is an important junction for traffic southwards (to southern Norway and Stavanger) and westwards to Bergen.


On a Norwegian scale, the county (especially the southern part) is a significant and central location for industry. Buskerud houses impressive export related engineering industry and has some of the country’s strongest competence environments for high-tech industry located in Kongsberg as well as traditional woodworking industry such as Norske Skogs company ‘Follum’ in Ringerike. Buskerud is one of the largest ‘tourist’ counties in Norway with over 100 hotels and one million guests per year